Head Full of Little


A Head Full of Ghosts: A Novel - Paul Tremblay

In the end I didn’t really like this book very much. It seemed totally forgettable. Tremblay fails to flesh out any of the characters except for Meredith/Merry and maybe Marjorie to some extent, so we don’t really have much invested in anyone else. 80% of the book is one giant red herring which Tremblay still gives away all too soon, making not much suspense OR mystery to enjoy. Tremblay wants us to get into the old: Is this just psychological or really supernatural or both? But we just don’t really care and it ultimately adds nothing to the story It’s a horrible story (content-wise) either way so it is six of one and half a dozen of the other and the whole metaphysical aspect was wasted on me. We’re made to think this argument is more profound than it is because of the the phenomena Merry observes, but is the only one alive to relate, before the reality TV show, but then we get into, oh my, maybe she is just a really unreliable narrator which muddles anything profound to be gleaned from the rest.

There are a lot of limp wristed swipes at Catholicism, Christianity in general, and god based religion that seem preachy but unconvincing and pointless. The blog posts were superfluous and over explanatory and were just filler for me.

What did I like? Well, you can read it very fast, in a couple of hours, and not miss a thing (while or after reading it).

Into the bin headed for the second hand store.

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